Highest paying jobs in Dubai

Delta Hiring    31 Aug 2023 01:09 PM

Highest paying jobs in Dubai

All of us want to find the highest paying jobs possible in Dubai, due to Dubai’s cost of living, we all wanted to have the most comfortable life in the City. Aside from basic necessities; rental, food, transportation, we wanted to experience the best things that Dubai has to offer.  We all know that the country is famous for Skyscrapers, luxury shopping, best buildings/activities to visit, hence we dream to afford the lifestyle suited for Dubai.

Some say, that for you to attain the highest pay is to jump from one company to another. This is true, but let’s be honest it is always hard to start fresh every 2 years. Plus, quitting jobs every now and then is not pretty when you put them in your resume.  Instead, why not focus on the highest paying jobs in Dubai, find where your passion is, and achieve your dream.

Below are some jobs that can support both you and your family’s basic necessity as well as luxury living.


 Salary per month: AED 30,000 - AED 325,000

Role: Not just in Dubai, but in every country, lawyers are always on the list for highest paying jobs, simply because of their job’s nature. Unfortunately in Dubai, Foreign lawyers can practice local law, but only a UAE nationality can appear in court.

Basic requirements to obtain license to practice law in UAE

l  Be a UAE national

l  Be at least 21 years of age

l  Must hold a certificate from an accredited university or higher institute

l  At least one year of continuous practical legal training

Marketing/Banking CFO / CEO / Director

Salary per month: AED 9,500 - AED 128,000

Role: If you are in a corporate world, this is the top of the ladder. This is the goal you want to achieve. The top managers are the ones responsible in decision making in the company; in terms of operation, financial, purchasing and even marketing.


Salary per month:  AED 42,500 - AED 60,000

Role: Need I say more? We have seen the role of Cardiologist/Doctor in movies and real life. The main goal or job description is to assess patient and save lives. This is not just for Cardiologist but any Doctor or Medical field. It is one of top paying jobs due to the importance of the job.

 Civil Engineering

Salary per month: AED 9,000 - AED AED37,000

Role: Responsible in planning of the construction of a building. We already know that Dubai’s goal is to attract tourist/visitors with its unique and high-rise buildings, skyscrapers and architectural attractions, hence engineering profession is one of the most popular job in Dubai.

Supply Chain Management

Salary per month: AED 6,500 - AED 31,000

Role: This field consists of Procurement, Operations, Logistics, and Marketing. Its purpose is to convert all raw materials to finished product and distribute it in the market accordingly. It is one of the best stepping stone with a good and stable salary in the market if you wanted to achieve CFO level. Because of the demand of basic necessities of people and introduction of new products due to changes of generation, Supply Chain field will remain steady in terms of career.

IT / Information Technology

Salary per month: AED 7,460 - AED 26,600

Role: IT has become a hot profession in the Dubai Market. It is one of the most important support role in a company. It’s about time to acknowledge IT professionals because your company system would be a mess without them. For example, without assessment of the IT department, you might be choosing the wrong equipment and end up buying expensive desktops, laptops. Therefore, IP professionals are necessary for smooth operations of a company.

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Public Relations Manager

Salary per month: AED 7.000 - AED 14,000

Role: Due of the great influence of Social Media on businesses, Public Relations Manager, has become an in-demand role. Its main goal is to ensure that all media news, articles, commercials, post, reviews etc. are in favor of your company and will not damage the company’s image. Generating positive publicity and maintaining good reputation of the company is PR Manager’s responsibility as well.

These are just some of the best paying jobs in Dubai only, however following factors are helps in giving you an edge over the competition.

ü  Years of expertise

ü  Skills

ü  Trainings

ü  Certifications

 If you are aspiring to come to Dubai for job hunt, makes sure you search all the best available options. The above-mentioned jobs offer leading salaries in Dubai and you should explore opportunities related to them for sustainable living.