How to create a better workplace

Delta Hiring    31 Jul 2023 11:06 AM

How to create a better workplace

Corporate employees are inside their offices/cubicles 8 hours a day for 5 times a week. We spend more time with our co-workers than our familyjust to ensure that we have foods on our table. Aside from our responsibilities and paychecks, a comfortable and an exciting workplace is what making us sane.

 If you already have a fun workplace, how can it become better? This question might be in the minds of every entrepreneur and manager. Here are the top 5 things you need to consider to make your workplace a better place for your employees/colleagues.

  1.       Open To Ideas & No Micromanaging

As an employer or manager, you should be open to new ideas from the rest of the team. A fresh perspective from the whole team is way better than just giving orders and work to employees with a rigid approach. This way employees will be invested in the project or work when they feel that their ideas are being considered. And once you finally have the ideas of your employees, let them execute the work in their own way. Each individual has their own unique style on how to do their tasks, your process might not work for them and vise versa. Just have your trust with your team and let them give you result!

2.       Appreciation To Employees

Give credit to your employees regardless if it’s an on time report or big deal that was closed. Small win is still a win. A small gesture of appreciation will boost employees’ confidence and morale and they will be more motivated for the upcoming tasks. Sometimes, this is something managers tend to ignore. They think it’s an employee’s job to accomplish tasks and does not require any applause. The fact they ignore is that if a task is completed timely, it is a win. Let us not wait for employees to be burned out! Say “Job well done” for closing that deal”, say “Thank you” for accomplishing task on time.

3.       Time Freedom

The pandemic is a blessing in disguise showing us the effectiveness of ‘’Work from Home’’ set up. While we have established that works can be done remotely, we have discovered as well that some employees can finish the work in less than 8 hours. Give employees a 15-minute break in the middle of work hours as long as jobs are being done, things are not delayed. Sometimes, a 15-minute bathroom break will give a breakthrough to your employee with their task and simply just to recharge. Monitoring your team strictly all the time will give an impression that you don’t trust them which will not give us a better workplace.

As for employees, please do not abuse the time freedom you have. Use this time to recharge, to step out during heated arguments over emails, to think alone. Use your time wisely and honestly!

4.       Work Life Balance Set Up

Giving a WORK-LIFE BALANCE to your employees is GOLD!  Let them use their vacation leaves without any hesitation. Respect their off days. Avoid reaching them during night time. Employees should have the time to enjoy themselves outside their work. Let them have the money they got from your company to build the LIFE they needed and most importantly wanted. No one in the corporate world wants to be disturbed while surfing, having a business call while they are at dinner with their Family. A balanced life is the key for people to be more productive at work.  

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Happy employees are more productive! That is why BPOs have a weekly engagement or games for their agents. Which works by the way. I have witnessed an increase in sales operations when we engaged our employees positively. This not just shows that employees are having fun but they also forget about their work for 10 minutes, and when they come back from game, their happy hormones are up. It allows them to deal with irate clients, misunderstanding in emails and similar challenging tasks. Just a short story, there is an event for 300 people and I only have 1 hour to execute a catering for them, its night time. Our manager huddled us and made us play charades. Me being stressed at work I said “Pass”, but he insisted. I joined the game in a stressed mood but I enjoyed the game, and because of my fresh mood, when I got back and dealt with the problem, I was able to think solutions and delivered excellently. So, trust me on this one, always ensure your team is engaged!

 A healthy and better workplace, keeps your employee comfortable, happy and more productive. Try incorporating above-mentioned suggestions in your company’s culture and see the results yourself.