Importance of having a Mentor

API User    28 May 2021 03:31 PM

Importance of having a Mentor

In this article, we are going to discuss why it is important to have a mentor and what is the great impact it will have on pursuing a career.

Throughout your experience at school or work, have you ever met a good professor, manager, boss, etc..? How did that person help you grow and become a better version of yourself?

Nowadays, a mentor is not only someone you will know along the way. You can already check online and hire a person whom you think will motivate you.

But what is a “Mentor”?

A mentor is a person who is knowledgeable enough to teach and guide you with the specific skills or aspects of life you want to improve. Sometimes, they are called coaches, teachers, or leaders that possess good characters with whom you can build your trust. Mentors usually share their knowledge because they want people to improve themselves as well. Mentorship is also a challenging type of job vacancies where a person sets goals that need to be achieved in a certain time.

Benefits of having a mentor:


Are you planning to establish a new business, to shift careers, or do you feel like going back to school? Mentors can assist you in taking the necessary steps to proceed with your goals. The insights of a mentor with whom you share the same experience are the best ones to have. They have a better understanding of what you are going through and they can provide better ways to improve yourself and be successful.

Practical Inputs

Comments, recommendations, and other feedback will be clearer if coming from other people. Loved ones normally consider how you will feel so their words are different from what they want to say. Mentors can be more honest with you in terms of making you aware of reality, possibilities, pros, and cons. Though, this does not mean that your family is not or cannot be honest with you. It differs from person to person.

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Mentors do evaluations before starting the steps towards your goals. They check first what you will need, how they will support and encourage you. Each time you pass a certain level, they might add challenges to see your capability. Your personal growth is the main focus of your mentor and boosting your confidence is the starting point.

Be Inspired

As mentioned earlier, mentors can help you to be confident with your abilities, to see your self-worth. They will encourage you to be strong when things get tough. They will guide you in diverting your negative feelings to the positive energy that will surely reflect on your everyday life.


The best mentorship is the one that helps you learn to accept yourself for who you are and support you in making a better life for yourself. But with firm boundaries, like how are you going to respond to different situations, how are you going to prioritize tasks, how will you communicate to people when they say unacceptable things.

Awareness is what the mentors are trying to teach you. There are scenarios in life that will impact your mental and emotional state. And it is important to know how to conquer those things.

Goals & Perspective

Having a mentor will help you see life differently. They will give you a better perspective of what you are going through, in a way that you will feel motivated and stronger. You will learn how to connect with others and grow. 

Which aspects you are having problems with, a mentor will be like a friend who will be there until you reached your goal. Mentors will also remind you that life is not easy but will show that you can make it through.