Find the latest Jobs Dubai 2024

Muhammad Waleed    28 Feb 2024 06:22 AM

Find the latest Jobs Dubai 2024

ArticlesAs a Job seeker, you might be overwhelmed in finding the latest Jobs that suit you. Most importantly finding the “LEGIT” Jobs in Dubai made it more challenging. As the year goes by, the number of Jobs in the City is increasing, and thanks to the continuous growth of the City’s economy, opportunities are progressing as well. And this does not take place only in Dubai, but also Jobs in Sharjah and even Jobs in Abu Dhabi increasing surprisingly well too. But then again, the opportunities of the agencies are widely open as well, to take advantage of Job Seekers who are desperate to land a simple Job. We will be discussing shortly where you can find the latest Jobs in Dubai, and how to avoid agencies that are requiring processing fees.


Below are the Top (5) Jobs in Dubai, Jobs in Abu Dhabi and Jobs in Sharjah based on salary and demand of each city. Note that these Jobs are based on the Most used Job Search platform across the country (that will be discussed later).


Jobs In Dubai




HR Officer



Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Biomedical Engineering

Software Engineering

Human Resource Engineering

UI/UX Designer



Jobs in Sharjah



Social Media Content Creator

Human Resource

Data Entry


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As Job seekers, we wanted to make our Job Hunting process as easy as possible. At least to have sources on where we could search and choose jobs or careers conveniently. Below are the best sites on Google and social media platforms that offer a wide range of the Latest Jobs in Dubai.


Company Websites

This is the most straightforward way to send your application and probably the safest way as well. You can just simply visit the website of the company you wish to apply. Go to careers. Most times, companies are posting their vacancies on their website and you can directly send your resume to their HR or system.

Linked In

Linked In is the most popular social media for professionals. It is accessible to everyone and anywhere. Most Talent Acquisition teams use Linked In, as they can reach their target talents in real-time. All the functions of social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc., are present in Linked In such as chatbox, follow option, share post, and create pots. Hence, users can familiarize themselves in no time with this Job Search app.

Job Search Platform

The most common tool to all Job seekers is the leading Job Search platforms. It’s a one-stop shop for all Job Hunters as most platforms offer; 1) Free resume drafting for Job seekers, 2) Free profile creation for both Talent Acquisition and Job Seekers. 3) Search engine of all the latest jobs in Dubai, from entry-level, to Managerial positions up to CFO.  These Job Search platforms allow both parties to widen their options and reach the right market.

Below are the Top Job Search Platforms that you can use;


l  Queros


l  Indeed


l  Dubizzle




Newspaper / News Site / Walk-in Interviews

This process is OLD but GOLD. It may be a process that is now outdated, but as a job hunter, this may not hurt to try. You can check the Job Section of each newspaper and/or news site, usually company leaves their contact details for you to reach them. Another one is attending walk-in Interviews, but be vigilant, as most of the walk-in interviews are usually the agencies that require a fee. You just have to be smart and sceptical.


What's App and Facebook Groups

This is the most unsafe way for job hunters, but somehow lots of Job seekers tend to utilize this process more since this is the most accessible one. You can join many groups on Whats app and Facebook, such as M2M Jobs, UAE Available Jobs, Part-time Jobs, etc. Now, there are maybe genuine and legit job posts, however, the “scammers” or “agencies” cannot be removed from the equation. Since this is the most convenient way to reach the applicants, most of these agency personnel use these groups as well. Again, you just need to be vigilant.


With all of these ways to search for the latest Jobs in Dubai, you can always encounter these agencies that are asking for fees. Job Hunting is already hard, and we should not buy the gimmicks of these companies that we need to pay to get a job. Because we are seeking jobs to get paid, not the other way around.

How can you identify if the interview invitation is legit or not? Below are some guides that can help you.


1.        Agencies sent a generic email for interview invitations. Email does not include your name or the position you applied for, there is no company name, and sometimes you send your application and your interview is set 1 or 2 hours later. Usual invitations are done via phone call and most of the time this phone call will be considered as your initial interview. Be mindful and sceptical about the email invitations sent.

2.        Agencies use their personal email address or odd email address like,, etc. Although some HR are indeed using the domain, most of the time, the company name is shown in the email address. Always check the sender before replying “YES”.

3.        If there is a company name in the email invitation, always cross-check it on the website. Most scammers do not have an existing website and only Facebook or Instagram page. This should be your warning already. Most of their pages are created recently hence you will notice that there are not enough likes or followers. Once confirmed, feel free to ignore that email. There is a 100% chance that it is not legit.

4.        You can utilize the Whats app and Facebook groups. One of the good sides of these groups is that the applicants help one another. Some people are posting a warning message and giving a list of email addresses of the agencies that are asking for processing fees. Copy it and save it for your reference. If you are not certain if the invitation is legit, you can always post the email in the group and ask the group to “legit check” the invitation. You will be surprised that there are already several applicants who attended the interview and ended up going home in dismay. Utilize the groups. It will help you.


These are just some guides that can help your job hunting a little less stressful. It may be a difficult time, but always keep in