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Digital Marketing Jobs in Dubai

Muhammad Waleed    12 Jun 2024 06:40 AM

Digital Marketing Jobs in Dubai
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With the current pace of today’ economy, and having new technologies; one after another. Most people are spend most of their time browsing the social media, surfing the internet. To catch up with trends, businesses should adapt the changes happening in the society. And in terms business promotion, having a good Digital Marketing Strategy will help the business to reach their target markets and sell their products and services.

Digital Marketing is an online promotion of the  business. Having an Ads in the short videos, posting promotions in the company social page, popping advertisement in the internet, are some of the example of Digital Marketing. These usually shown in Social Medias like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and even in YouTube.
Digital Marketing serves a very vital role in the society nowadays, as Online Shopping, Online Businesses, are at its peak. And Digital Marketing is the easiest, fastest way to reach the the global audience and drive business growth.

There are different types of Digital Marketing in Dubai, below are the common Digital Marketing that can be a good start for new career seekers;

SEO Specialist
SEO Specialists are responsible in maintaining or increasing their ranking in the search engines in websites. They basically do website optmization, having keyword results, etc to make their website be on the 1st page  of the search bar.

Content Creators
Content Creators are the Digital Creators in the social Media worlds. Businesses usually hire the creators who have huge number of followers and likers in Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. They send their products and even services, and ask the creators to recommend them online. In this era we call them “Influencers” as they influence their followers on the products and services that they are using.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing, focuses on Advertisement Campaigns that they post in different platforms, can be in Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. They focus on reaching their campaigns or ads the target consumers as much as possible.

Email Marketing
This is the riskisiest considering the number of scammers are increasing. They basicially send email to promote certain projects, sale, events, etc. This usually works with businesses who are in checking their emails regularly.

 And more.

Digital Marketing shows a stronghold in the Industry as it is the most effective marketing for business, especially with new businesses. This is the easiest access as well globally. With the City’s location, this allows the global businesses to connect with local business and consumers. Hence, the growth of Digital Marketing is increasing insanely in the City.

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If you are thinking on getting started on Digital Marketing, what are the certain skill set that you should acquire?

A. Technical skills (e.g., SEO, SEM, social media marketing)
As a Digital Marketing, you should be knowledgeable with Analytics tools, popular options are Microsoft, SAP, Google etc. Analytic tools will help you analyze on how to reach your audience or to achieve your goal.

 B. Analytical skills   
Once you determine your target market and goals and other data, you need to know how to use these data effectively and efficiently. The better you analyze your data, the easier for you to understand the possible issues and improve your marketing strategy in the online world.

 C. Creativity and innovation
In Digital world, you have to be more creative to catch the attention of the online audience. Since Digital Marketing is the easiest way to market the business the competitors are everywhere. So as a Digital Marketer, you should be creatively unique and you can compete with the other businesses.

 D. Communication skills
These comes with the latter part of the Job. You should know how to communicate with your audience. Especially that you are selling products online, you should know how to persuade the consumers without them seeing the business actual.

 Digital Marketing does not need a technical degree. A bachelors degree will suffice. However, candidates with background in Liberal Arts, Computer Science might have an advantage.

But then again, taking extra training courses that focuses with Digital Marketing will be a great upper hand for you as a candidate. You can check online courses to enhance your skills.

 Here are some leads on companies that offers Digital Marketing Career;

Company Name : Chalhoub Group

Company Background : The Chalhoub Group is the leading partner for luxury across the Middle East since 1955. As an expert in retail, distribution and marketing services based in Dubai, the group has become a major player in the fashion, beauty and gift sectors regionally.           

Digital Marketing Initiatives: Social Media Marketing, Content Creation.

Company Name : Abdulla Bin Zayed Investment Group

Company Background : Established in 1990 with a vision to provide and facilitate the business needs of developing market place. Today the Group has established its roots in the field of Aviation, Finance & Investments, Energy, Engineering, Real Estate, Travel & Tourism, Trading and Logistics segment  

Digital Marketing Initiatives: Social Media Marketing, Advertisement Campaigns.

Company Name : Cavo General Trading LLC

Company Background :  Music Distribution Company              

Digital Marketing Initiatives: Social Media Marketing, Advertisement Campaigns, Content Creations. 

Company Name : Bright Expert Corporates

Company Background :  At Bright Expert, we are more than just financial service providers; we are architects of success. Established by a consortium of seasoned professionals 15 years ago, our Dubai-based firm thrives on delivering tailored solutions.   

Digital Marketing Initiatives: Social Media Marketing, Advertisement Campaigns  SEO

Company Name : AW Rostamani

Company Background :  AWR Holding consists of several companies, representing seven diverse sectors and offering exceptional products and services aimed at enriching lives.             

Digital Marketing Initiatives: SEO, Online and Offline Marketing Communications.

 The average Salary of from AED6,000 - 9,000. Of course this is for starters. Package might vary based on; Skills, Experience, Knowledge and years in business.

 Job Opportunities in Dubai is vastly increasing. Even in Digital Marketing, below are the platforms that you can use for Job Searching.

l  GulfTalent

l  Naukrigulf

l  Indeed


l  Linked IN

l  And many more.

To increase your connections and knowledge, attending local digital marketing events and meet ups will increase your professional growth. A lot of group discussion that you can find in Linked In, you can check Workshops by Digital Marketing Institute, local events by HubSpot, etc.

Some tips on CV preparation can be found on the Job Searching Platform mentioned above, it can help you present your background, your skills professionally in the paper. And you can always use free template from Job Search Platform or Canva for instance.

During interview you should always know that these recruiters often base your second or final interview based on their first impression. Below are the common things you should know;

l  Be punctual. Do not show tardiness on your first and only shot.

l  Be presentable. Dress up appropriately.

l  Know the company you are applying for. Familiarizing yourself with their organization shows how interested you are.

l  Be yourself. Do not oversell yourself. Honesty is still the best policy.

 As a Candidate pursuing a career in Digital Marketing, you have many options and vast number of opportunities in Dubai. You just have to  find the  right connections, have  additional course, and broaden your knowledge in Digital world. The opportunity is overflowing in  this City.
It maybe  overwhelming for  now, but once you get the hang of the work, if you can deepen your knowledge in this career, there will be a limitless possibility for you even in  the future.