HR Jobs in Dubai

Muhammad Waleed    12 Jun 2024 06:31 AM

HR Jobs in Dubai
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 Dubai is known for being a business hub around the  world. Because of the tourists spot, the architectural marvels, luxurious shops, culture diversity, and more, Dubai has  been the  most visited City to build business, and even just talk business. Due to rapid growth of new businesses and investors, one of the most popular and in demand jobs in the City is being a Human Resource  Professionals. (HR).  We will be peeling the topics about HR Professionals job in DubaiFdubai, why there is unlimited opportunity and how to start your career as a HR Professional.

In every company, you will hear the word “HR Department”, as they are the ones in charge with Employees On boarding and exit process, salary preparation, employees ally inside the company. HR Personnel are  the most vital department in the company, as they are responsible in screening the employees that will join the organization. If a certain person just hire someone without assessing or considering the  alignment of Job  Description in candidate’s skill, the team will be doomed and it will result to employee burn-out, being unproductive, and unhappy and struggling. In  HR  Department there are different teams that handles different employee concerns. Below are the types of HR specialty that you can considers:

l  Recruiters & Staffing

n  This department is responsible for finding the right candidate for specific opening in  the company. They are responsible for employee screening, background checking and closing the job with candidate. Salary negotiation is one of the vital part of the recruiters or hiring team.  They are the very first team that the employee will meet during the interview, and introduces the company to the candidate/new  hire.

l  On Boarding / Trainers

n  They are responsible in on boarding the new hires. They introduce the culture to the  new employees, give  brief background on the job that will be handled. Basically they handle  the new hire to prepare them before they deploy them to their final or permanent team.

l  Compensation & Benefits (Comp & Ben)

n  They handle the salary transfers of the company. They also handles disputes, deduction, etc. Anything that concerns salary and benefits that are according to law, Comp & Ben are responsible in ensuring that employees are paid right.

l  Employee Relation / Performance Management

n  As a mentioned, HR team are considered as employee’s ally in the company. They handles the employee conflicts such as, employee is overworked, employee is taking a heat from their boss, or the employee is not delivering the job that is stated in the contract. This department handles the relationship of employees from their colleagues, bosses and internal clients. And they arrange an evaluation on employees to discuss the performances every month, or year.

l  Workforce planning and succession

n  As  an HR, they are also responsible in maintain company workforce balanced,  that team is  not under or over staffed. And if there are events or project, they are responsible as well in creating schedule that will benefit both company and employee.

l  Communications

n  Communications are usually available for big companies or group of companies. Their job is to disseminate the organization announcements, changes, labor laws and regulations, etc.

l  Learning & Development (L&D)

n  They are responsible in offering training, workshops, shorts courses for employees to expand their knowledge in their field.

l  Final Pay

n  For well established companies, Comp & Ben and Final pay team are separate. Basically the final pay team focuses on the final compensation of the employees, including their leave conversions, other benefits that is established in labor and in contract.

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The Job Growth continuous in UAE. Private Sector employment grew by 9.1% year over year (YoY) in 2023 and expected to grow more as the the labour market has shifted decisively towards skilled employment in recent years, aided by initiatives by the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization (MoHRE).

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Depends on ones skill, experience and training, the average pay as in HR Professional is AED 5,500 - 15,000 / month.

Dubai HR Professional salary comparing to other well developed global hubs is lower for more than 50%. That is why more global company are outsourcing professionals in Dubai due to lower compensation.
According to UAE Law,all employees must be eligible for a minimum of 30 days of paid leave in a calendar year once they complete 12 months of service additionally, other companies provide accommodation & transportation allowance, yearly flight reimbursement,  and insurance. These are just some common benefits found in ones contract, however some company offers more to their employees, like monthly discounts, additional leaves, allowances, etc.

There are factors that influence compensation offer to professionals; Employee wise is based on your experience, skills, additional training etc. The more experience you gain, the higher the offer is. For companies; the offers depends on company size if they are well established  or start up, consumer, demographics, work load, etc. 

Moving in  Dubai is one of  the greatest achievement you could have. There some says that you need to work hard until Dubai feels inexpensive. While this is true there are some high points in living in the City such as low goods and service taxes, how safe the City is, luxurious  life, and culture  diversion. UAE is said to be one of the TOP country that have a very high and good security; people can walk on the streets any time without being scared of the surrounding, you can even leave your wallet and bags for how many hours and come back for it without losing anything. Dubai is one of the country that offers no income tax and less tax in good and services. Even with the culture, Dubai opens the country with all ethnicity, religion, race which makes it a divert city.

Due to these factors, lots of expats are thinking in moving in permanently and getting their families. Although Dubai does not offer a permanent residency, the Government always ensure that each expats enjoys the City just like the rest of the local, the best example is opening the Golden Visa to the residents, where in each individual can stay legally in the City for 10 years.

The most challenging part in Living in Dubai is usually your 1st - 3rd years, since most of the companies usually look for experienced workers and Dubai does not have currently law for minimum wage, freshers usually settles for little salary and entry level jobs, that makes it hard to get by, however once you made it, you will finally enjoy all the things that this City can offer. As a fresher as well, you may have culture shocks, since there are different ethnicity and religions that were welcomed by the Government, you have to adjust and adapt accordingly.

So, if you are thinking in pursuing HR Professional career, there are limitless of choices and options in the market. And as long as the City keeping on growing, HR Professionals will never be outdated. As the success of the company are in the skilled, trusted and  well knowledge employees which are sourced, screened, interviewed and trained by Skilled HR Professionals as well.

HR Professionals does not end in on boarding employees, however making the organization better each day for both owners and workers are set to be done by HR Team as well.

As a fresher you can  analyze your skills and see if it matches the job in Sharjah description needed in HR field. You might be surprise on the possibilities that this career might bring to your and your inner self.