Teaching Jobs in Dubai

Muhammad Waleed    12 Jun 2024 05:54 AM

Teaching Jobs in Dubai
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 Dubai is considered as the Largest city in the UAE, that being said many people decides to settle in with their family due to various reasons, resident’s safety, plenty of opportunity for career growth and business expansions, vibrant lifestyle and for a family with children -- educations.

 Dubai is known for being one of the best education for children, from Pre-School to Tertiary. The City is known to be in top 20 globally for best school, due  to up to day facilities like labs, rooms, etc., and due to quality educators that each school have.

 Dubai’s pride is having the best learning experience for both students and teachers that results to harmonious relationships and effective learning patterns generation by generation. And because Teachers are one of the most important role that City is looking for, teachers are well taken care of so they can be effective in distributing knowledge to students. Schools offers a very competitive tax free salaries, modern infrastructure availability, having to meet different kind of people in terms of religion, ethnicity, beliefs, etc., and having a helping hand to ease up the paper work and focus in teaching alone. As long as you have the criteria in teaching in Dubai, you will set to experience a great journey in choosing the City to pursue your career in being a teacher or instructor.

 UAE education system is divided into three sectors – private schools, public schools (government schools), and higher educational institutions. Each sectors responsibility is to oversee the quality of the schools and take actions on the issues that needs attention, like if the curriculum is still updated on the current year since time changes and education should adapt accordingly.

Since Dubai open the City to the whole world, having different religions and ethnicity staying in the country are inevitable, and that is why Dubai welcomed schools as well for all race. They even allowed to have a school exclusive for each nationality.

 As the number of residents increasing, definitely that number of students are too. Since the curriculum changes every now and then new teachers are needed every now and then as well. Teacher’s salary ranges 8,000 - 30,000, depends on what level of education you are teaching with Teachers in college as the highest paid.

 As mentioned, as long as you have the criteria to teach, you will definitely enjoy the perks and the experience in teaching in Dubai.

 According to the government, to apply for UAE Teacher you must have a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree or a 4-year university degree or higher in the required field. This rule applies for public/government schools as well as private schools in the UAE. Other conditions include:

1.        a criminal clearance record

2.        a medical fitness report from the UAE

3.        original of educational certificates

4.        attested certificates in case the educator has graduated from a university outside the UAE; the certificate must be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the country's embassy in the UAE.

Source :,private%20schools%20in%20the%20UAE.

 As for experience, you must have a minimum of two years of teaching experience. You must obtain this experience first before applying for a position in the UAE. In addition, your first year of teaching must be within your home country or in another country where English is the primary language since the City have different nationalities, English is the primary language that is used.

One of the gems that Dubai is proud of, is the Private Schools rank in Math and Science around the world. PISA is an international test that measures 15-year-olds' ability to apply their reading, math, and science skills to real-world challenges.

 Dubai private schools ranked ninth in the world for mathematics, scoring 497. This is 25 points higher than the OECD average. Dubai schools also ranked 13th in the world in reading, scoring 498. They were 14th in science with a score of 503 and 15th in reading.

Source :

 Therefore, the City take seriously when they are recruiting teachers especially for Math and Science. And you can say that these two subjects are the most important and in demand specialty in teaching career in Dubai.

 Aside from technical subjects, because of jobs in  Dubai’s diversity, opportunity for teachers to teach foreign language is plenty as well, such as Arabic, French, Spanish, etc. And just like in business, if you know foreign language, you can teach them and earn up to 18,000 AED per month.

 The government strongly beliefs that learning is for everybody, kids, adults, and kids with special needs. With this the government of UAE strongly supports the education of the younger kids that needs special attention and education. They offer financial support to the families and provides a thorough recruitment platform to ensure that the best and experienced individual will be handling the education. Special Education Teachers earn with an average of 12,000 - 19,000 monthly.

 And as and individual that is having a career in Education Sector, the highest position most wanted to attain is the Head of the department and Principal. They are expected to run the department or school and ensure that the Students and teachers are co exiting harmoniously, that the curriculum are well taught to each classes, oversees the day to day operation of the department and school, and so much more. Average salary is 47,500 AED

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As mentioned on the first half of the article, teachers is one of the well taken care of hence looking for legitimate job and recruitment agencies for teachers is easier that any other entry career. Aside from Linked In, Naukrigulf, Indeed, Dubizzle,, You can use below platforms to serch for job openings,

Or you can always go old school by attending job fairs held by the community. You just have to keep eye on the news like Khaleej Time for announcements. Regardless of which one you will use to search job, always ensure that you have your Curriculum Vitae ready and updated, all the certificates you have from your previous jobs that supports all the experience and skill declared in your CV, training certificates, attested documents, etc. Always ensure that these papers are with you during your application.

 To help you prepare in your interviews, below are the common questions that asked Teachers during interview process;

ü  Why did you choose to be a Teacher?

ü  How would you describe your teaching techniques?

ü  Where there are time that students challenged your authority in the classroom? If yes what did you do? If no, what will you do when such time comes?

ü  Describe how you like to implement technology in your lessons.

ü  What discipline strategy you found effective for students?

These are just the most common questions, and just like any other interview just answer straight to the point and stop beating around the bush. Show the interviewer how in knowledgeable and  passionate you are in teaching career.

 Working in Dubai as a teacher might be challenging but dealing with different people everyday may help you to handle your students too. Since you will meet different cultural people everyday, it will be easier for you to understand your students. As a newbie in Dubai, you will notice that Accommodation and basic necessities in Dubai aren’t cheap. However, always keep in your mind that in every new chapter in your life that beginning is always the hardest. Work hard until Dubai becomes cheap!

 You will have lots of option in terms of transportation in Dubai. You have the buses, the Metro, Taxis, Private Care, Rent a Car services, etc. You just have to research which on is more convenient for you. But the more accessible and price wise is taking the bus or Metro.

And as you know people move to Dubai because of it’s recreational activities, such as Museums, Restaurants, Yacht Dinners, especially during winter season. Everyone needs to let off some steam, have fun, and there are plenty of those things in Dubai. You just have to save and it is better to DIY your travel, as it is cheaper.

Teaching job is not an option but a choice. Teachers chooses this career to impart knowledge to students whether they are kids, adults, or special person. If you wanted to explore and meet new students in Dubai, do not let that passion go even if you have to start as as Teaching Assistant or part time. Teaching the new generation will always be worth the wait and worth the struggles. It maybe be overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you to reach the peak of your career. Don’t let go the passion in you.