Feeling troubled during a Phone Interview?

Jinjer santos    06 Aug 2018 03:13 PM

Feeling troubled during a Phone Interview?

No worries. Here are some steps that can help you boost the confidence within you, either it is a phone interview or a face to face interview.

Some employers are into phone interview before they schedule a candidate for a personal interview. At this point the job seeker is being evaluated. Through their manner, etiquette or how well they converse.

That is why some applicants are feeling anxious even before starting a conversation with the employer or a recruiter over the phone. Well, no need to worry now. As this article will be discussing how you can be confident and be enthusiastic instead of being nervous about it.

Remember that you have to be prepared. Anytime, anywhere. Once you start to apply, you will be receiving emails, messages or calls from the companies you have send or submit your resume to.

One resource that can help would be searching through the internet the usual questions in a phone interview. This will give you an idea or guide on how you should respond or how to crack any kind of interview with sample answers you can get.

Here are the things you can do to gain your confidence for the upcoming phone interview.

Be Prepared. Grab a Mirror and Practice.

Practicing how you should talk or respond to a phone interview while looking in the mirror will help you increase your self-esteem. This is also a good technique to notice if your grammar is right or if you having some flaws regards with your pronunciation or if you are talking too fast or too slow. You should also set and organized the possible answers to questions that the employer might give you.

Check Access. Strong Signal. Zone Area

  • Find a place or a location where mostly no distraction. This will help you focus more with the person you are talking to especially if its’ a phone interview. Better to stay and have your phone interview indoors so that, both parties will be able to understand each other clearly.


  • You should also make sure that the area that you will choose has an excellent or at least with good signal that will not let the conversation be cut, be choppy or lose the line of any of the parties.

Proper Phone Interview Etiquette.

  • If you are expecting a call for a phone interview. Always bring your phone with you. Do not let any person or one of your family answer it before you.
  • Greet based on what time you have received the call. And listen carefully what the interviewer would like to discuss with you. For further clarifications wait until the person in the other line is done talking. Better to note it down for the mean time so when it is your turn to talk you can ask her one at time.
  • Do not be shy in asking to repeat the question if you are not able to understand it at first. You can provide better answers once you comprehend what the interviewer is asking you.
  • Whether the phone interview went well or not make sure to say thank you and do not forget to ask the interviewers’ email so you can also send your gratitude in a formal email.

Note:   The interviewer will notice what you are feeling at the moment you start to speak. Take a deep breath and exhale before picking up. Be moderate while introducing yourself and answering the questions. Remember, it is how well you can present your qualifications for the job you are applying for even if it just over a phone interview.