How to find a Good Employee

April April    10 Oct 2018 12:36 PM

How to find a Good Employee

Having a good and excellent employee is one of the assets of a company. Whether it is a new or on-going business, an owner should get a qualified candidate that will fit their criteria in terms of productivity and profitability. When it comes to planning, management, and coordination, a good employee can run a business smoothly in his own strategic and effective way.

These days, every employer has their own ways of finding the right candidate. Mostly, they are coordinating with the recruiters. Where resumes will be submitted through them and a pre-interview is also made to assess the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and experiences. This is one way to check if an individual fits with the employers’ requirements.

Though, other recruiters may already have their database that can be easily shared with the employers when needed. But of course, this kind of thing is not for free. They are paid for their services. But as the number of recruiter’s increases, all applicants should be very careful especially when it is asking for money or payment for your application. Note that there are some legit agencies or manpower recruitment that hires candidates to help them look for a job instead of looking on their own. And there are also some recruiters, which most of the people called it “scammers”, which is posting fake jobs and providing false information or details.

Back to finding the right employee – Other recruiters have a ready database where employers can check each candidate’s profile. Usually, they have this so-called “Job Portal” where job seekers can register, upload their resume and apply with their desired jobs. Employers can also register, upload their company profile and post the available jobs they have, to where they can state all qualifications they require.

This also saves time when it comes in choosing the right candidates for a specific job. Initial selection can be done by the recruitment agencyand will share the options once they are done filtering candidates’ application based on their client’s qualifications. But most of the time, the final interview and chances of getting hired will still depend on the employers.

Here are some further pieces of advice that can help an employer to hire the right candidateand make it his employee for his or her businesses:

Use LinkedIn to connect with candidates –Through this social networking Application you can connect with candidates directly you can see their previous work experiences and some personal information that can help the employer to reach out to them.

Be Creative – Posting job vacancy can be easy for everyone but being creative in posting job vacancy is a different case. Post your available job in a way that the candidates (the right one) will be attracted and will show their interest in applying for your company vacancy or to contact you directly. Put your competitive salary range, company benefits and state the company history and achievements.

Act Promptly – Most of the reason why employers are losing the good candidates while on the process of hiring is because of the waiting game that these candidates are facing. You have to stop spending unnecessary time wasters along the process, communicate with the employees as quick as possible.