Writing a Recommendation Letter in a Proper Way.

April April    26 Aug 2018 03:53 PM

Writing a Recommendation Letter in a Proper Way.

Sometimes, Employers are requiring the applicants to submit a Letter of Recommendation which may come from your previous Company, Manager or Colleague.

These letter of recommendation will carry out a significant weight for the candidate. And somehow, this kind of letter might also help in terms of personality, characteristics and work ethics of the candidate who is currently applying in their company.

Before writing, you must think how you can effectively support the Job applicant.

Here are some guidelines that will help you in creating a proper Recommendation Letter.

First things first: Consider the type of letter.

It is better to confirm with the person first what type of recommendation the company requires them to submit. For some, they are asking for a reference letter where you should write all the requirements of a particular job that he or she is applying for. You can also check their Job details to have an idea with their skills and to boost the candidate chance of getting hired. You can also include the personality of that person, how well-verse they are as an individual or how they cooperate as a team.

Second to the Last: Collecting Information’s.

You have to gather all the necessary information and require the candidate to provide you with the copy of their job details and resume. Make sure that all essential information are complete before you start to write just in case that you might need to review his or her employment history along with the cover letter to know more about how they input their qualifications for the job.

Third Ends here: What to and not to include.

Letter should be consists of two to three paragraphs:

In first paragraph, you can explain how you know the candidate. Kindly input your details such as name and job designation. Also include the candidate’s ethics towards work and with other employees or managers.

In second paragraph, you should state the job applicant’s skills, knowledge and other assets of the person you are recommending.

Then to support all the positive qualities that you have mentioned *your signature is required. This will make your letter more credible.

Note: No matter what type of letter you might be writing right now.

                All details should be collected first before you start.