Helpful Tips to get your CV noticed

April April    06 Aug 2018 11:11 AM

Helpful Tips to get your CV noticed

Preparing your CV and stand out from the crowd in order to assure that one spot for the interview can be difficult. But how do you guarantee that you are notice by the HR Manager or a Recruiter despite of a tough competition, we have listed a helpful advice to achieve this.

In aggressive and competitive recruitment business it is possible that the other applicant may be more competent than you on when it comes to their CV, which is why it is crucial to perceive the direct motive of your CV is to ensure that you will have that spot for an interview. That’s why standing out on a paper is very necessary.

1.       Make it Simple – Use a simple format that is easier for HR Manager or a Recruiter to screen and read. You may have your fancy formatting if it’s necessary for you to make a portfolio if you’re in designing industry.

2.       Take advantage of the basic font - Make use of the basic font and the best font to use are Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri. Also make sure that you will use a font size that is easy to read – it could be size 10 to 12 that actually works accordingly.

3.       You May Use of Bullets – You may use a brief action oriented sentences that would describe your role and responsibility from each of your previous employer to make it more relatable and relevant with the open position that you are applying for.

4.        Make sure that you meet the Job Qualification – To be considered in any Job opening you should know if you are qualified with their requirements in the first place. Read the Job description and check if you have the required qualifications before applying to a certain Job posting.

5.       Personalize your CV – Most of the applicant they’re using “Resume” or “CV” as their file name. It is important if you will name your CV as your “FirstLastname” to be more recognizable and distinctive to HR Manager or a Recruiter to find your CV upon selection.

6.       Focus on your accomplishments – Showcase your achievements and accomplishments, HR Manager or a Recruiter would be eager to know what you have accomplished on the same field where they require a new employee and that will be an edge to qualify to the next round of recruitment process.

7.       Don’t forget to get rid of unnecessary information – You don’t have to incorporate all your work experience on your CV. If you have a lengthy work experience the HR Manager or a Recruiter may require you to list down all your work history separately. Your CV is a synopsis of your employment history, it is a professional not personal. You should never include information about your personal life, family, hobbies or anything that is nor work related.

8.       Educational Attainment should be at the bottom section - HR Manager or a Recruiter is interested to know your Employment history. Focus on your relevant skills and work experience. You don’t need to include your High school nor your primary school history.

9.       Add your Cover Letter – Even if cover letter is not actually required, this is the best way to highlight the specification and qualifications you have to suit in their Job requirements.