Looking for a Social Media Job? Don’t just dream it, include these tips to your CV

API User    06 Aug 2018 01:05 PM

Looking for a Social Media Job? Don’t just dream it, include these tips to your CV

Your resume is the first point of impression between the HR Manager and the Recruiter. Now, if you are dreaming of a job in Social Media you need to manifest to them that you have what it takes to be part of their Team. Show off the creativity and strategically side of you.

Here’s the most essential things to keep in mind and to include in your resume when you are applying for a job in social media.

Let them know you communication Skills

-          Having a job in social media means that you are managing the company’s social media presence or strategically thinking for an advocate that will get the company involve in the community and must have knowledge in Facebook, twitter or other social media platform.

-          Prove to HR Manager and the Recruiter that you know the branches of each channel by speaking about the monitoring and the engagement tools to effectively use all kinds of social media platform as well as the analytical and reporting tools that you’ve learned from your experience and previous job that can help them decide to give you a spot for interview. Through this you are giving them a hint about what you know in social media although maybe they are not using the same software, you’re highlighting your skill set and train ability.

Prove to them that you can work in any kind of environment

-          Sometimes it is a misconception to think that a job in social media is just to focus on the screen check the social trends, like, share and post. No, like many other jobs you have to coordinate with other department and make a collaboration on a campaign or exchanging ideas on a particular project that will help the company to stand out.

-          Show them that you are a Team player by expounding how you contributed to a much larger goal with sales, legal, finance and other teams.

Specify your work results and social media success

-          Just like any other jobs you have to prove and show it to HR Manager and the Recruiter your proven track records, due to all data your work generates it will be easier to point out your output and you may mention the progress through specifying all the details with proven records and figures that could be in percentage in easier way.

Get Analytical

-          Through it should be assumed that, if you have identified your success, meaning you know your way around social media platform like Facebook insights and Twitter analytic etc. make sure that this is at the top on your list of skills. It is very important to show to HR Manager and the Recruiter that you can manage the social media and you’re good at it show them that you have great experienced in analyzing metrics, Google analytics, identifying trends and optimizing the performance of all kinds of social media platforms.