Is the increase in work responsibilities, gain the company trust?

Jinjer santos    23 Sep 2018 12:14 PM

Is the increase in work responsibilities, gain the company trust?

Work Responsibilities

Before you start working on that company, have you check your job description?

Are you doing the same until now or your workload increasing from time to time?

What do you think about the jobs given to you by the boss?

Have you thought about it that may be the increase in your work responsibilities means you are gaining the manager’s trust?

Most of the time, when you start a job in a company you will receive a copy of the job details regards with the position you have applied for. But from time to time you will notice that there will be some changes and increase in workload is there. You will become busier that before and sometimes, you will disregard taking your break time because of the deadlines you need to meet.

Increased in workload -Positive Effect

Some people preferred the jobs that will make them busy and accumulate their time efficiently. That is why increases in workload is alright with them. They think that being productive will increase their knowledge, knowing stress will be there but they are more focus to meet their goals in every job that needs to be done by the time frame that the higher ups have set them. This will not make them sleepy, instead their mind will be alert during work hours. And increase in salary is possible, as well for the recognition. So, no matter how many workload the management will give down to you. Do your best. It will take a lot of time and effort but eventually the same with the responsibilities. Benefits and appraisal will also increased. Not only the company will gain their profit and productivity but also you as an individual will grow professionally as well.

Increased in workload -Negative Effect

Sometimes, there are employees who think it is unfair to have additional work responsibilities. There will be a lot of deadlines to meet and most of the time, a day is not enough with all the work that needs to be done.

Other employee will also feel pressured about this, they will be drained especially when their work is not being acknowledged by the management. There are also some instances that a colleague will not comply and pass their job with the others, which is being irresponsible.

Increased in workload -Overall Result

In overall, increased in work responsibilities will have positive and negative effect on one person, individual or employee. But it always depends on how you manage your work no matter how many it is, no matter how long it will take to finish.

The key to this kind of situation is to know what to prioritize and managing your time effectively.

Having an additional workload also depends on you. If you think that your list or schedule is already full, it is better to refuse in a polite way, apologize and tell the reason. When you accept it knowing that you will not be able to do it, this will only give you a negative impression.

For some instances, if a co-employee as you to do their job in a way that they are not doing anything at all. Learn to refuse politely as well. Think about it. You work hard and other will take the credit. You will not be acknowledge as responsible if you are just tolerating this kind of behavior of a colleague.

So, have you thought about it?

Is the increase in work responsibilities, gain the company trust?

Every person have their own opinion and way of thinking.

Some people think that it is not just about the appraisal or recognition. It is better to work because you love your job rather than working just to earn or you wanted to be notice.

For others, company or the management trust can be gained through:

-          How well you do your job.

-          How well you take every responsibility.

-          How well you think.

Remember that a great mind see the positivity in every situation, rather than complaining.