Women Finding Job in UAE

Jinjer santos    12 Sep 2018 12:20 PM

Women Finding Job in UAE

Nowadays, finding a job is not that easy as the competition to every field are increasing. Jobseekers or applicants have their own uniqueness that make it difficult for others to land in the job they desire. But upon the survey of who is the most likely to get a job between men or women, the result were surprisingly to women. Especially European-Western Nationality, they usually have the highest rate of getting a Job, as they are a native English speaker. On the other hand, Indians, Filipino, Nepali, Pakistani and other nationalities have also the higher rate of getting a job.

Past to Present

Back in the day, women especially the married ones always stay at home to take care of their family. But on the present time, some countries are providing the same or equal treatment in the workplace for both men and women. Women should be positive with their self for them to keep up with the guys. Willingness to explore and having the courage - believing that they can provide the same results will increase the chance to get hired in a job. Discrimination is a big No-no, as everyone are deserving to any of the opportunities that the world have.

Unfair Belief

However, some of the female employees encounter difficulties on their work. In terms of promotion, nerve-racking and exhausting office environment, and lack of company budget for training and coaching.

And sometimes, some man shows negative comments as they think they should get the greater treatment or the higher position that one women have. This is selfishness, as everyone should be recognized equally, regardless of what gender. Because everyone exert effort in anything they do. And a well-balanced work environment in a company always see the worth of the work done.

Hard Times

And when it comes to outside workplace, the main question is why it is hard to find a job? The one that will provide better opportunities and to where an individual will grow professionally and at the same time have the chance to relax and socialize.

In today’s world, companies are into capabilities. Knowledge and skills is an advantage too. A company with greater budget is hard to get into as they are looking for specific qualities a jobseeker have. On the other hand, some of the companies with lesser budget hire the applicants that will accept the salary they can provide. And it is sometimes exclusive of benefits an employee should have.

Despite the difficulties, women make sure they are treated equally and the same with men with regards to training and development and the number of working hours and holidays.