How to Consider a Previous Job as a Stepping Stone Towards Success.

Jinjer santos    02 Sep 2018 05:21 PM

How to Consider a Previous Job as a Stepping Stone Towards Success.

Have you ever thought about what is good with the previous company you have worked at?

Do you consider it as waste of time working there every day until years have passed?

Is it worthy or you think that you just lost the opportunities that you should have right now?

There may be a lot of questions in your head. But no matter what kind of experiences you have gained while working in that company. Either with positive or negative outcome, there is a lesson you will learn.

This article intend to give you further idea on how to consider your previous job as a stepping stone towards success.

*Past Job Experience

-- Is the job description matches the activity you are working on?

This is one of the question that some of the employees have in their mind. They feel like they are doing the things that is beyond their Job details. And some intend to think that it is unfair to have the work that you should not be doing at all.

But how this works for you?

At first you will feel displeased about it but looking at the brighter side. Think of it as an extracurricular activity to where you can learn something. It is, maybe, really unfair, but once you moved on to another company, the knowledge you have gained from your previous job will be worth it. Others might think that it is their advantage doing the least work but they never knew that you are the one who will going to benefit in the end.

*Looking for a new opportunity

-- Are you going to apply for the same position or you will try a different one?

Knowing what you really want to do will help you set your goal and target. Though you can still ask for the opinion of other people you know. But remember that whatever happens, they are not the ones who will be in-charge with what is going to happen in your life. You are the maneuver. So, think carefully and take your time, do not rush.

Are you going to stay in the same position and do the same old routine? Though from time to time something will be added that will still keep you from learning.

Or are you going to take a new path that will make you nervous in the beginning but eventually will get more exciting?

Changing what you have used to, is a great opportunity to explore what else you can possibly do and learn aside from what you already know.

 *The Present

Through your previous work experience, you are able to learn, grow and meet different kind of people. This is a good way of expanding your network. So, do not belittle your previous job. Maybe it is just not today, but eventually or some point in time you will find the reason and understand that kind of experience. Be always grateful to every company you worked at and treat people from your previous to your present and future colleagues with respect. This will lead you to greater opportunities.