Best Level Entry Careers for Dubai Fresher’s

Muhammad Waleed    05 Apr 2024 07:13 AM

Best Level Entry Careers for Dubai Fresher’s
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Dubai is consider as one of the best city to live in because of its beauty. You will find the tallest building the world, the largest shopping mall in the world, and one of the safest city in the world. Some may be intimidated at first because of the different religions and nationalities, however as days and weeks pass by visitors will realized how friendly the locals and residence are. And how the City embraced the different cultures. Because of these qualities of the City, many visitors chose to settle in for good, to find their luck or to start fresh jobs in Abu Dhabi.


Because of the City’s growing economy, the available jobs in Dubai is tendency to increase even after 5 years. And as a fresher in the City you can be overwhelmed by the number of open jobs not just in Dubai, but also on the nearby City like in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, etc.


What are the things you should know as a Fresher in Dubai?

1.         You should learn the culture

As an Expat, the very first thing you should learn is the country’s culture. Especially that Dubai is a Muslim country. Although the City embraced every ethnicity and culture, you as resident should respect and follow the City’s culture, policy, law etc. There are tons of things that are allowed in your country that aren’t in Dubai.

2.         Landing a job might take time

                    Although there are lots of openings in Dubai, you should be aware that there are lots of applicants as well. Landing a job in Dubai might take time, especially during the salary negotiation. You should be prepared in sending resumes to tons of company, attending a lot of interviews, meeting different HR, but always keep in mind that the perfect job for you is just out there. Waiting for you.

3.         You should be cautious.

     As a job seeker, you should be vigilant with your applications. You should know that there are a lot of agencies that are asking for processing fee upon interview with a guarantee that you will get a job. Please know that although some keep their promises, there are still a handful of company that taking advantage of the new applicants in the City. Some are because of lack of knowledge and most are because of desperation to get a job. You just need to filter all invitations and focus your energy to the right ones.

4.         You should be prepared not just financially but also mentally.

                    As I said, Job-seeking might take a lot of your time, you should always be prepared financially, just in case you needed to renew your visitor visa while seeking jobs, money to get you by day by day until you land your first job and mentally during the job-seeking process. It may be hard for some as they are far from home, they are alone and yet to find their new family in the City. You need to be mentally strong to get by.

5.         You should know your strengths and weaknesses

                    Lastly, even though it is hard and taking time. Always settle in the company that cares about you and a company that you will learn and help you prepare for your next job. You need to research the usual compensation for the position you are applying for so you can negotiate your salary.


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What are the Best Entry Level Careers for Fresher’s in Dubai?

Hotel Management (Housekeeping / Bellboy)

Receptionist / Admin


Personal Assistants


Real Estate Agent



Executive Assistant

Office Attendants


Among these careers, which are the three (5) highest paying job?


Real Estate Agent - AED 4,500 + Commission

l  Real Estate is one of the best Career for expats that have experience in Sales. Since Dubai is known for its building’s wonders, Real Estate is one of the top industries. It’s not just good start up salary, the commission is what makes it best. Every closed deal. The commission (usual) per closed deal is 2%.With the right marketing skills and connections, you will thrive in this industry.

Receptionist / Admin - AED 5,000

l  Receptionists or Admin in Dubai are the most common job that can get by Fresher’s. Since it does not need much experience. Basically you just need to attend all the needs of the office and visitors. Answer phone calls, and other administrative task that the company needed.

Banking - AED 6,000

l  Because of the growing industry of the City, giving financial advice to Business owners became the most in demand after pandemic. It became a significant role in each businesses.



Personal Assistants - AED 8,000 / Executive Assistants - AED 14,000


l  Surprisingly, assistants is a stable career in terms of demand and salary. The higher the position you are reporting to, the higher the salary. Nonetheless, it just make sense since the responsibility is vital since Assistants main goal is to make it easier for the managers, directors or CEO. They usually handles the meetings, schedules, reminders, etc.



Although it is true that finding your jobs in Dubai is very challenging, but with a proper knowledge, connections, you will land the best job that is suited you. You just have to be well informed and be prepared, and with the right timing and right employer, you will land the perfect career!