Part Time Jobs You Can Do From Home

Faizan Idrees    16 Sep 2020 01:07 PM

Part Time Jobs You Can Do From Home

During this Pandemic, most of the people are working from home. Others that are into safety precautions prefer to have a job where there is less personal contact. It is understandable because when you go outside, you have to follow the ordinance declared by the government for protection from COVID-19. Important reminders like wearing a mask or face shield and gloves and follow distancing instructions.

As some people are not responsible for their actions, it is better to start with yourself. It is not easy to get sick at this time; being hospitalized is no joke.

Related to the current trend, either you are already working from home or planning to do so, there will be many alternatives for home-based job opportunities, whether for part-time or full-time. One of the top choices is part time jobs in dubai giving you a wide range of options to choose from, so in this article, we will list down the popular data entry job and its affiliated positions.

The first thing to know before proceeding with remote opportunities is what set of skills does it require?

To give an idea, here are the following set of skills that employers usually consider to any candidates:


It is not only about how you complete the job but also how you arrange the compound files and how long it takes for you to finish the given task. These are something you have to put into consideration as they will check your capability when it comes to managing work and time.

Keen to details

It is vital to ensure that the data you have entered is accurate. Being attentive to details is necessary, especially when it comes to data entry.


Home-based data entry doesn't mean that you will no longer be required to communicate with other people. Communication with colleagues and management is needed; This is one of the critical pointers that will help coordinate each team member.

Essential Computer Grasp

Basic computer knowledge is essential, so you should at least know how to install and understand the use of applications such as MS Office, Anti-Virus, and other primary requirements to secure files and avoid any problems that the function assigned to you is.

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Typing Accuracy

You must know the functions related to the computer keyboard. Typing speed and accuracy are essential in data processing. You also have to consider how you input and format the data and take note of the time you finish every task,

Top Home-based or Virtual Data Entry Job


Working remotely as a receptionist for a company, either local or international, is a good practice of organizational, listening, and communication skills. This job usually requires flexibility because you will need to do some administrative and secretarial tasks. A strong internet connection is necessary as you might also need to attend some online meetings.

Word Processor

It will require you to do the processing of data using the software. Editing and Proofreading are also necessary for proper documentation. You can consider that you will have to do some clerical tasks.

Virtual Coordinator

This role is more extensive than that of the data technician. Their job is to supervise data collection and documentation and enter and finalize it in a spreadsheet. Some employers may require further educational attainment for this job.


Candidates who specialize in coding are currently in trend. They are responsible for any retrieval or preservation of databases. This job is vital to the medical field alongside transcriptions.

Data Processor

This job requires the arrangement of data into their designated file folder. They also do some revisions whenever necessary. Being detail-oriented is essential for this position when they are doing the Proofreading.

Virtual Clerk

This job role is the most comfortable role of all data entry jobs. They need to input and arrange the data that they will receive from the employer or requester. You might have to do some web searches, but it depends on the employers' requirements.


This role usually transcribes audio recorded files to a word format. Listening skills are critical to maintaining the accuracy of the data you input.

Virtual Technician

They are responsible for managing the spreadsheet of each data gathered. These Technicians have to be involved and have open communication with other team members and of the management.

Data Refinement

They are known as Proofreading and editing of data. They are responsible for manuscripts to check the word formatting and layout. They should know some terminologies and be able to do some research for better data checking.

Virtual Assistant

Referring to the position, virtual assistant jobs in dubai usually supports the company with administrative and clerical requirements. They have to be flexible as they may also do some marketing tasks, like creating presentations and handling social platforms. Furthermore, they do data entry whenever needed and other jobs assigned from time to time.