Secure your dream job in due time!

Muhammad Waleed    05 Apr 2024 07:12 AM

Secure your dream job in due time!
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As a candidate that’s trying to land their dream jobs in Dubai and decided to take a risk in securing the position you always wanted, searching job can be frustrating, especially when you encounter invitations after invitations, rejection after rejection. Following the things that makes you happy can be challenging, but it doesn’t mean that it is not attainable. There are few things that you can do to help you power through your job seeking journey.


1.        Identify your dream career

Before you start for job searching, you should know first what it is you really want to do. What career you excel in and at the same time put food in your table and makes you happy and contented. It is vital that you know what you want before you enter the industry. So you would know where to start your dream job journey. Landing your dream career doesn’t happen overnight. It comes with effort and determination. Lastly, all jobs in this world are stressful and challenging, enjoying what you do will make it bearable and worth it. So you better contemplate, what is it you really wanted to do? Which career you should have so you can exhibit your skills and talents? Will it make you happy?


2.        Lay the groundwork

Once you come to a decision, the next step you should do is build and clean your profile. Go to your desk and update you resume, build your career in Linked In, and revisit your social media platforms. As a career seeker, you want to present yourself as a professional. In resume drafting, there are tons of free lay out in the internet, you can choose the templates in your CV. Please choose the template that is not tacky but professional. Build your Cover Letter as well and prepare the portfolio or anything that supports your resume. It would be a plus! Linked In has been the top platform that connects Job seekers and HR Recruiters, it is a good step as well to create a profile for them to see! And lastly, clean your Social Medias! You may have posted or share something that can affect your shortlisting process. Better late than sorry.


3.        Connect

Once all of the documents are ready. Try connecting with Recruiters in Linked In, with your colleagues, classmates, etc. Widening your connections helps you find the right circle for your career. Follow the companies, in job search platforms. It will help you reach the best companies, and also you can get tips from people. Having the right circle will speed up your searching process as you are focused on a specific industry.


4.        Search

Once you have enough knowledge, somehow you are now aware where to get the perfect job for you. Where to start, who to tap, who are hiring, etc. Since you have eliminated the unnecessary job openings or connections, you can now direct your energy and time to the right search bar. Because again, you are landing the career that will showcase your talent and will support you financially and emotionally as well. So let’s focus on that!


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5.        Show up

After the never ending searching you will receive invitations, rejections, dead end shortlisting, etc., and don’t ever lose your focus and hope. Again, building your career doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, amount of hard works, long waiting time, sometime with a bucketful of tears. But that phone will ring, it will. Once it rang, you show up! Show up prepared and presentable. Be confident. Your dream jobs in UAE is just one step away. Show them why you deserve the position more than anyone. This would be the first set of people that you can showcase your skills and talent. Ace the interview and hope for the best.


6.        Follow through

After the interviews and if you were asked to wait, always show initiatives by following through. Not because there will be no other foreseeable opportunity, because there will be a lot of opportunities for you, but because you need to show them how much you are dedicated in the field. You need to ensure that we you did not let one opportunity get away without putting a fight. It is your dream after all.


These few items may help you land career of your dreams. But always put in mind that even it means you need to start from the very start, it is always a start. Work your way up and all will be rewarded in right time.