What are the benefits of internships?

Jinjer santos    01 Sep 2020 05:16 PM

What are the benefits of internships?

Do internships help with Job hunting in Dubai?

Internships is an on-the-job training where students will be able to experience in advance how to work in the field they are interested in. These internships will evaluate their capabilities within a period of time and check if they can pursue the same career -- as some employers, when they notice your potential they could offer you a part time jobs in dubai even full-time job after the internship.

Internships as mentioned, can also be considered as a way to career opportunities once you graduate. It will help you improve your skills and give you knowledge for the real-life work environment in the field you have studied for years.

This on-the-job training will let you explore your interests, if you are enjoying what you are doing, if it’s the job you intend to work for a long time. You have to take note that the focus of every internship is to mold you as a person. Others are paid but mostly it’s not, but we cannot say that the employers are taking advantage of you working for them. Remember that the training will give you something priceless, you have to do each given task like you are already one of the employees.

At this point, to give you more ideas, we are going to list down some of the benefits of having an internship while you are studying.

Internships usually last after one to three months. You can do it either during or before the school year ends or every summer of each semester. It’s like an additional credit to your total grades upon completion of your college life. It is something you can look forward to that could support through decision-making of your personal career goals.

In choosing your career path and through your job search, internship can be one of your edges.

 1. Job Familiarity

Job posts usually contain the details of the position you intend to apply. Such information like educational attainment, job experience and job description.

The disadvantage about having lack of experience is;

-        the exposure of your qualifications are less,

-        employers mostly focuses with the application who shows the skill set

-        some employers will think that you have lack of knowledge about the role

Though these are not always the reason for being unable to get the job of your interest. It usually depends on every company and employers. As they have different approaches and requirements where their decisions vary.

2. Research Proficiency

Research skills is one of the top essential requirements of a company. Whether it is for office work, sales or even in the engineering field and others. Having an experience is proven as an advantage.

3. Work Flexibility

Sometimes, when you get an internship. You will have the chance to explore every department. Work in different tasks that help you grow personally and professionally.

4. Work Guidelines

Connecting with your supervisor or manager to ask for support to do a better job. Having someone who guides you through the process of work will have a big impact on you and for the near future of your career.

5. Career Goals Adviser

This is almost the same as the mentioned work guidelines. However, the center of attention is your career goals. What interests you? Are you enjoying the job you are currently doing? It’s more like a self-reflection of what you do. Having an adviser about your career is a good starting point. It will build up your confidence in taking another step forward.

6. Professional Connectivity

Honestly, some people are having a hard time interacting with other people but this is something that you really need to do. Get out of your comfort zone and communicate. Talking with other people in a professional setting will not do you any harm. Growth matters. Professional connectivity can be one of the stepping stones for self-development.

7. Well-established Resume

The worth of having the training on a real work environment-setting will help build your confidence. Of course, this will reflect in your curriculum vitae. The experience and knowledge you have earned will be seen by the employers and they will take you as a potential candidate.

8. References and Recommendations

While on internship, along the way you will have the opportunity to get good referrals and recommendations. Which in the long run will be a good showcase to other employers. Is it better to work hard while on training like you are already an employee of that company.

9. Full-time Job Opportunities

The possibility of getting hired in the same company you’re having your internship with is higher when you’re doing a great job and that means if you are working professionally. It is an advantage where after graduation, you can directly start working in the same field. This will add to your experience even in the future when you are planning to shift or change jobs in dubai.

10. Boost Confidence

The adjustment from studying to real-life working in a company will be easier for you to take as you already have the idea and experience. It boosts your confidence to take another step of your life going out to the real world of responsibilities.