What to ponder before proceeding with the job offer

Faizan Idrees    13 Sep 2021 11:59 AM

What to ponder before proceeding with the job offer

Having a new job is exhilarating. New work environment, colleagues, management, opportunities, etc. It is a window towards your future that is why you have to ponder what your goal is before you proceed with the job offer because it is very important to think and adjust yourself for vacancies on offer.

Here are some of the things you can take into consideration that will help you obtain the conclusion towards your career path.

1. Do I see myself working in this company for a long time?

Every organization differs from how it is managed. It is for you to identify whether you are into a conventional or open type of working environment. For example: Some companies are engaged in activities that are fun and relaxing. On the other hand, some companies prefer to have more professional connections with their employees.

2. Will accepting the job offer be the way towards the things I want ahead of me?

As the saying goes,” nobody knows what tomorrow will bring”. This thought will help you anticipate what your goals are. However, you can only identify what kind of benefits the company can provide you and hope things will go smoothly. For now, the best thing you can do is to look hereafter. Ask yourself, will it be of help in pursuing your plans? Will it give you great experiences? Etc.

3. Is the salary enough to meet my wants and needs?

The effects of the pandemic in the economy in the Middle East like the United Arab Emirates are still visible. We will not be sure when it will recover, however, few companies can jump back and hire positions with good salaries. If you are interested in high-paying jobs in dubai, better check if the offer will suffice not only your needs but also your wants.

4. Will I be able to learn or grow from this company in the long run?

This is one of the important things that you have to look over before accepting that full-time job. Do they provide training, seminars, or courses where you can learn more than the role you will work on? Do they have employees’ appraisals? The opportunity to grow and increase your value as a person will give you an advantage when the time comes and you decided to take the next step forward. 

5. Is this the job position I am looking for?

Two things you have to ask yourself, “Are you passionate about the job role?” and “Does

It brings out your enthusiasm?” Usually, emotions or feelings are like this at first but do not get overwhelmed, instead, think if this is the job you are waiting for. Interest in what you do is necessary to get better results. Also, longevity at work means you enjoy what you are doing and not just passing time.

What to ask yourself after accepting the job offer?

a) How is my work environment so far?

Significantly, you are in a healthy working environment because when you are in a good atmosphere, you will be more efficient and enthusiastic coming into the office and working with your co-workers. 

b) How will I learn further?

Take initiative and strive to learn. A new job means new experiences. Know what is the management’s expectations towards you and so as what expectations you have for the company. It is better to have the goals in line with the process. Both will grow and succeed.

c) What do my colleagues think of me?

Communication is the best way to know your colleagues and vice versa. Creating a good relationship will also make your everyday work easier as you can focus on your job and help others at the same time. In addition, this will test your flexibility and ability to work in a team or group.

These are some tips that will help you to leave a good impact

  • Establish yourself
  • Be nice and open to ideas or opinion
  • Appreciate your job and always do your best
  • Be punctual all the time
  • Join in activities and get along with others

d) Self-Assessment

After some time, ask yourself how are doing so far at work? It is a good point to express that you are open to learning new skills and have the drive to take on new projects or tasks, as this will open your opportunity for promotion and other possible incentives.

e) Co-workers Evaluation

Ask your co-employees and your manager what else you can do and what more to understand. Question yourself as well if you can enjoy your work and coordinate with your co-workers. Were you also supportive and efficient? These are only a few things you have to take into consideration to maintain an adequate outcome.

Always remember that the people around you and the things you do will eventually reflect in your future so make sure that you are doing the best you can in everything and every day.